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We are a non-profit organization. And our goal is to provide preventive health care education, medical and emergency relief, and other basic quality of life resources to the underprivileged, worldwide. The generous contributions that we receive from the public are the keys to our success. With the donations that we receive, we are able to further our causes, which includes helping the needy - homeless, jobless, AIDS/HIV patients, and other emergent disease out breaks like Ebola.

Please navigate around the website and get to know us. For only by getting to know who we are and what we stand for, can your support be encouraged.


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Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are underprivileged. American Alliance for Charity fights to provide medicine, food, clothing, education, and even shelter to the needy population. We are responding as much, and as fast as possible to these needs. To HELP Support this, you can make tax deductible contributions to help the needy, both in the US and third worlds.

Please donate MEDICINE, NEW or USED ITEMS, MONEY, and MORE by clicking on this link: DONATE


Nationwide & Worldwide

Our prayers and supports go to all those, whose
lives have been touched or disrupted by
unfortunate incidents.




Our mission is to provide charity services and contributions toward the general welfare and well beings of the underprivileged, especially in the poor urban communities of the United States of America, and then extending such benefits to the third world countries.


Our vison is the dream of a world where the underprivileged will live and enjoy, at the minimum, the basic qualities of life that ordinarily would be restricted to the privileged.

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