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Our Charity Services:

Dealing with Ebola
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ebola situation


Fighting Illiteracy in Africa:
We are working with various individuals and organizations to provide educational opportunities, where otherwise would have been pure illiteracy.

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A town's school being renovated



Effort is being made to provide humanitarian services to this visible but ignored population, without pre-qualifying or judging them.

Basically, most people will not make a claim to be "Homeless," unless they are truly in a ‘needy’ situation of some sort – psychologically, physically, socially, or economically.

We understand, respect, and support the homeless.


Impact Services
With this program, we drive around on cold nights, and provide warm food and clothing to the homeless in the streets.


Job & Interview Skills
Using our mini-computer center and resources, we train the needy and unemployed in basic computer usage and office skills. We train and simulate job interviews to polish the interviewing skills of our students and workers; preparing them to return to the world of gainful employment.


Dressing for Success
The phrase “if you look good, you feel good,” applies to all. We provide formal attire, when there is a need to go to job interviews. This includes, but in not limited to families on welfare, who ordinarily would not be able to afford the professional attire required for most white collar jobs.


Take a peak at some of our future programs:

REFRESHMENT CENTER - Bed & Breakfast for the Homeless




Medical Missions:

We distribute over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Aspirin, etc, to African villages. We are currently working with medical practitioners to obtain and distribute prescription drugs for malaria, cholera, and HIV testing tools.

Motherless Babies/ Orphans:

Every year, American Alliance for Charity gives money and materials to motherless babies' homes in Africa. The smiles we see on the faces of these kids are priceless.












Beggars in Need of Wheel Chairs

One of the most difficult sites to see, is a crippled beggar, crawling through the muddy roads in Africa, with the full determination to beg for a meal. We provide wheel chairs and clothing to some of these beggars. At least, they don't have to crawl or walk with crutches, as they beg.


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