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Proposed: The Refreshment Center – Bed and Breakfast for the Homeless Population

The refreshment Center – Bed and Breakfast is a program designed to carter for those homeless people who for any reason do not have any way to wash, eat, and sleep.
We will provide them with free temporary accommodation, a shower, breakfast, lunch, and  dinner.
This is how it will work:
A homeless person for some reason, is kicked out of the shelter, and does not have a place to stay. So he or she wonders the streets and sleep in cardboard boxes, under the break, in abandoned house, or in any of the hundreds of unthinkable places. This life styles cause them to endanger their safety and health.  They do not have access to toilets or bathrooms, so personal hygiene is not the greatest.
This is what we plan to do: There will be three categories of clients:

  1. Those who want to stay for a while
  2. Those who are just passing by, and just looking for a safe and warm place to spend the night. For these group, we will provide them with bathing facilities and toiletries, cloth them, feed them dinner and breakfast, and send them off the next day. But I they decide to stay, then they fall in the third category:
  3. Those who plan tp stay with us for the 30-day maximum days. For this group:
  1. Welcome them into our facility
  2. Provide them with a bath
  3. Offer them clean clothing
  4. Feed them Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner.
  5. Give them a bed to sleep
  6. Give them Breakfast, the next morning
  7. Give them referrals to mental health workers, Social worker, Medical help, Shelters, Job skills training, Computer training programs, and more.
  8. They have One month to either find a shelter or get a job. Our goal during that one month is to provide them with rehab services that can help them turn their lives around, or move on a better level than they were when they came in.

How the Idea Started:
I was in one of Atlanta hospital’s emergency room one night at about 10 PM. As soon as I got into the emergency waiting area, the whole place was full of homeless people, and the place had a very nasty odor. I was so uncomfortable that I had to cover my nose with my neck scarf.  As soon as I sat down, I saw a puzzling sight: A guy was hiding behind the soda machine, and was cleaning his armpits and private parts with a wet wash cloth. I decided to look away and mind my own business.  Around midnight, one of the nurses, accompanied by a security officer started questioning everyone in the sitting area. I noticed that each time they questioned one of the homeless persons, they were asked to leave because they were not there to receive any emergency treatment.  They were looking for some where warm, to stay the night.  When I finally was moved to a sleeping area and assigned a bed, guess who was assigned to the bed next to mine? The same guy that was ”using the wash cloth.” He had such a happy look on his face as if he had won a big battle. As soon as he sat on the bed, he laid back and released a heavy sigh of relief and said like “Oh my…” and he fell asleep right away.

The hospital was short of Doctors, so it took another 3 hours before he was awakened by the Doctor. After the Doctor left, and in spite of my ailment which was a distressful appendicitis, I tried to make conversation. I asked him if he slept well, he smiled and said “Yes of course.... This is the first time I have had a peaceful sleep in about a week.” He explained that he was homeless, and that the only way to get a nice meal and bed to sleep was to come to the emergency room and fake a sickness. I asked him if he had tried going to the shelters. And he said that the shelters were always full, with very few beds. Moreover even if he found a shelter like he did last month, there was the risk of being kicked out, like the shelter did to him for coming back very late, and past the curfew time. He explained that because of the restrictions at the shelters, people felt better when they slept out from the shelter because there were no curfews and restrictions on the use of drugs like marijuana, which by the way, he claimed was good for his leukemia.

But after reflecting on my experience that night, I thought that it will be a great idea to carter for these set of homeless people, and provide them help with their personal hygiene, food, a warm bed, and possible mental health support that they may need. This is how we came up with the idea for a bed and breakfast place for the homeless population, who for some reason are sleeping in the streets because there is nowhere for them to go. This is a very big and expensive project, but with your help and those of other philanthropists we can do it.

Thank you for reading my story.

Rosa Montano
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